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About Us



Welcome to TNTPWR “Embrace The Chaos”, where all of your travel plans are taken care of with style, sensibility, safety, and solace in mind. Your one-stop shop for carnival. We organize the Chaos!

"It's not about 'if,' It's about 'when.' - Ato Boldon (Trinidad & Tobago Olympian) 

TNTPWR founders Michelle & Eric

Michelle & Eric were born in Trinidad and Tobago. Michelle is from San Juan pronounced "Sah-Wah" and Eric is from Mayaro (De Bush). Even though we are Vegas based we never lost the love for our country and it's unique treasures. We welcome you to join us as we share in the euphoria of our Trinbago culture.


Michelle has over 20 years experience within the Hotel-Casino/Hospitality industry.


Eric has been in Architectural for over 25 yrs. with over 15 years in Communications and Customer Service.

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